Welcome to Ayo Vegan restaurants in Bali. Visit our friendly, local vegan restaurants that serve 100% vegan food, healthy drinks and delicious desserts.

Why choose

Ayo means “Let’s Go!” You will hear Indonesian people say it all the time when they say it’s time to get going and to have others join them. 

A few years ago I checked my heart and decided that it time to get moving. I decided to make my way in the world through cooking for others. 

Serving others is great purification. By creating delicious vegan offerings in my restaurants, I show people that they can be adopt a plant-based diet, stay healthy, prevent animal cruelty,  protect our mother earth.

 Eat for love,

Owner and Chef of Ayo Vegan

We go for flavor with our vegan recipes

My kitchen is open so that you can see, smell and imagine that you could make the same food yourself. Before going vegan a person needs to believe that they can have something interesting to eat every day. The day after matters and you will find that you will feel light, energized and ready to take on the world after eating our food.

Vegans, Vegetarians and Flexterians all want good food

I want to invite all people to eat with us and to have the best vegan food experience! At Ayo Vegan we live for the moment, celebrate your arrival and hope to inspire you to happiness through development of good karma. Please know our delicious food, drink and desserts are good for you, others and the whole planet.

Every consciousness is precious and connected

Spend enough time in Bali and you will begin to believe every consciousness is connected. My hard-working staff, food vendors, farmers and their families all benefit by your choice to eat a meal with here with us. Thank you for letting us join you on your journey.
Please enjoy your meal.

Our Restaurants

Wulan Vegetarian Warung

My Original Restaurant has always been 100% Vegan and is located in Tebesaya, Peliatan, Ubud


A nice quiet little river house that we have converted into the home of Ayo Vegan. Support us as we reach out to Bali.


Ayo Vegan Bedulu is our first location outside of Ubud. Join us as we inspire all of Bali to Ayo Vegan!



Learn to cook tempeh, Amazing Sweet Corn Cakes and more with Wulan at our Ayo Vegan Ubud location. 

Gather up a few people and let’s have some fun!

Click the button below to set a date. 

Everyday except Sundays



Want vegan food for your party?

We do “Nasi Kotak” or food-in-a-box catering. Have `a look at our menus online and order any combination of any food from Wulan Vegetarian Warung or Ayo Vegan menus.

We will box it up and make it ready for your event. 

For small orders (10 or less) we can accomodate you on the same day. 

For large orders get in touch with us ahead of time so we can prepare your order for pick-up or delivery. 

Don’t forget to order Wulan Vegan Cookies and Cakes for dessert!


Do you need a 30 day visa extension for your visa-on-arrival or social visa? Consider using our vegan brother Made Darmayasa. He is the owner of Mahamaya Visa Extension in Bali. As most Balinese, he runs his business and his life based on the principles of karma and you will feel happy and secure to have him work on your behalf.

Mahamaya Visa Extension offers all visa agency, business, social and tourist visa extension services. 

Made is a long-time (10 year) facilitator of Indonesian Immigration services. Made works closely with the offices in Bali and Jakarta to help you navigate the constantly changing and enigmatic process involved in fulfilling your immigration and business goals.

Made is happy to consult with you regarding Social Budaya Cultural Visa Sponsorship and extension, PT and PMA business setup, becoming a KITAS holder so you can live and work openly in Bali long-term, initiate the retirement visa process so you can get a permanent KITAP permit or any other immigration questions or issues that you may have. 

To get started, come to Ayo Vegan Ubud from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday. 

Outside these hours you can make an appointment. If you just need a visa extension then feel free to drop off your passport at Ayo Vegan Ubud. As long as you start the process one business day before your visa expires then the process goes as usual.  The price for a visa extension is 650.000 IDR. After a couple of days, Made will be in touch when it’s time to head over the to the Renon Office to get your photo take for the visa extension. You must arrange your own transport.  A couple of days after that Made will return your passport back to Ayo Vegan Ubud. 

If you still have questions visit his Facebook page and get in touch.

Pick-up and Delivery

vegan food near me...

I know what’s its like when you don’t want to leave the house to eat but you’re hungry for some “vegan food near me”. Besides coming to the restaurant, here are some other ways to get our food when you’re all cozy at home in Ubud.  

Let’s keep it simple! Stop by and let us know what you want. Make sure what our staff writes matches what you are ordering. Please be direct and clear about what you want with our staff because English is probably their 4th language. The staff should repeat your order before you leave to make sure we will get your order right when you return for pick-up.

Please feel free to bring your own container and bag so we can reduce waste.

Let us know your name, the location, the items you want and the time you will pick it up. If you go to our individual restaurant pages you will will see our WhatsApp contact information. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 15 minutes please call. We would be sad to miss your order.

You may not be able to order a Go-Jek for transportation but ordering food is fine. Install the Go-Jek app and go ahead and order. Note that the prices on the menus in our restaurants is the real price. Go-Jek and our website may be out of sync. Sorry for any inconvenience. Ubud transportation hack — order food to get the Go-Jek driver to come to your place. 🙂

We have not setup Grab-Food yet but it’s something we want to do.

For 10 orders or less use one of the methods above. For larger orders please let me know so we can work together closely to make sure you get what you want. Go to our Catering page for more information. 



location of Ayo Vegan restaurants in Ubud,Peliatan and Bedulu

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